A Joy-filled congregation, united in Faith by the Word of God, called by Christ to heal a broken world.
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Map Meeting Times Elders Evangelist
Sunday Bible class.....9:45 AM Joe Bieren Joel Solliday
Sunday Worship........10:45 AM Jerry Bolm
Sunday Night Small Groups Doyle Dawes
Wednesday..............6:30 PM  
- Study and worship is Bible based
- Preaching and teaching have real life application
- Sunday and Wednesday classes are held for adults and children
- Members demonstrate a heart to serve

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The MEN have a devotional breakfast the second Saturday of every month at 6:45am and currently, a prayer group that meets every Monday at 7pm. The breakfast and prayer group are free and the company is great. At other times during the year, we may have events for the following groups: Young Married, Singles, College Age etc.

If you would like more information about any of these groups, contact the church office here.